Discovering retro places of my youth

A while back I was invited to set up my artist booth at a winery in Geneva-On-The-Lake. Hmm, I have not been there is perhaps 35 years.

I am realizing as I get older how I tend to freeze frame memories and places… sometimes the memory is wonderful, and other times it is an odd partial truth. The last memory I had of Geneva On the Lake was the old amusement park and the main street in town… the smell of carnival food – cotton candy, greasey fries, and the odd feeling that there were more harley davidsons and people wearing leather than I had ever seen in my life.

That said, when we were invited to set up our booth there I thought this might be worth a scouting trip. So we loaded up the car, picked up good friends and made an afternoon of it. As it turns out the winery is right on the lake, in the center of town, and has the old ferris wheel. Lovely grounds, lots of activity, great food, and a part of my old memories dissolved into the truth that it is a fun summer carnival atmosphere….

So that said, we will be pitching our tent at the Old Firehouse Winery in 2 weeks (Saturday June 25th).

What else is news?
I have dropped off a dozen of my “Plarn Re-Blooming Bags”at Creative Upcycle, a pop up botique that will be opening June 11th at Gordon Square. This pop up shop is only around for a few weeks, and features all types of art made from recycling or upcycling items. Hope you can stop and visit.