Viking Knitting is Addicting

And so is finding old jewelry that noone loves any more. A week ago I told you I bought a big bag of old jewelry for cheap… and immediately put some of the pieces to action making drops for my viking knit bracelets. Alone the viking knitting is interesting, but I like a little sparkle, a little bling. (oh, note to self, not supposed to say bling because it may sound offensive to someone.) Anyway, love the combo of old beads and viking knitting… and here are a few shots:

I made a few more, but I wanted to share them with my oldest and dearest friend who has been a rock of support and encouragement. I had no idea she as wearing almost the exact green as the bracelets… and to see her face bubble over with joy was worth it. Unfortunately i didn;t photo them.

And one more photo:

You ARE INVITED… stop out and see all the amazing things that 30 artists from around the city have done. You will love it.