Mantua Art on the Hill

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Amazing, wonderful, great event. We pitched our tent on a hillside in downtown Mantua saturday and it was a wonderful day. The weather was brilliantly sunny with a gentle breeze to cool everyone down. The smell of pulled pork and funnel cakes wafted through the air as festival attendees wandered up and down the hill.

We rolled out the dead sea salt scrub, offering demonstrations to passers by. Dead sea salt scrub is a combination of special dead sea salt, olive oil, avocado oil and several essential oils, including tea tree oil and rosemary spearmint. Lucious softening, exfoliation and a clean soft after feel on the hands.

And the reblooming bags were a popular stop… everyone had to feel them, and guess what they were made of. Often many were surprised they were from old grocery bags… and sales of the bags were good.
You never know from festival to festival what people like or show interest in. Sometimes the soap flys off the tables, and the rest sit.. other times there is specific interest in the jewelry. But there was a lot of beaded vendors at this festival. Each offered beautiful hand strung creations. I think i was the only wire crochet and viking knit vendor… i like the edge that being different brings. Both are not for everyone, but I had several jewelry designers stop by expressing positive feedback and buying them. Yeah.

We also offered a first time special… a special code on etsy gives you 15% off. If you would like to take advantage of the special and purchase something on etsy simply type in the code Mantua for your discount.
the etsy site is:

One thing about these festivals i like alot is running into people we have seen at other events. We spotted the chocolate lady who set up shop in Geneva on the lake 2 weeks ago and this time she was selling frozen chocolate covered bananas… a big seller i might add on a hot day like this. And we spotted the lady that pulls together amazing baby gifts that look like boquets of flowers, and cupcakes but are really baby one piece outfits, and baby socks. Adorable stuff if you have a baby shower to go to. I like that friendship aspect of attending festivals. Sharing a common goal of building a client base, a business and repoire within the community is essential.

One of these vendors was telling us about the Coventry Street Fair, and her experience with the flash mob of teens. The news reported the event as a matter of fact news item. She told a story of fear, and of the large volume of unruly teens descending upon the vendors… she feared for her life and that of her pregnant daughter. And security for the event was no where to be found during the chaotic moments. How very sad that some events can get out of control so quick. And I am very thankful that Mantua was bucholic, and enjoyable. I have posted some pictures of the event, our booth, other vendors and the hill. wish you were there.