Canning Peaches

Is there anything better than a fresh juicy peach that smells great long before your taste buds concur. This summer we have been so blessed with great peaches. Our neighbors were on vacation and we told them about a little spot in South Carolina that has the best peaches we ever tasted… and it just so happened that there was a Peach Festival the day they were rumbling through. So we were blessed with a half a bushel of peaches. They smelled so amazing, and the taste took me to a different place.

We devoured the south carolina peaches before we could can them… but recently we bought a peck from an amish farmer… and the peaches were red havens… great ohio grown peaches. So we canned them up. Somewhere in the middle of winter when the snow is constant, and the sunlight is on hyadeus we will be able to pop a jar of peaches and remember the 90 degree temperatures and celebrate summer’s harvest.

In case you are wondering about the peach orchard in south carolina – click on the peach and it will take you to their website: