Textile Art Alliance was amazing

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Yesterday I had the rare opportunity of mingling with the patrons and benefactors of the Cleveland Museum of Art at the Textile Art Alliance Fall Fashion show and botique. Lovely time, enjoyable people and a good friend for support.

The day was rainy and gray, but the creativity and talent in the room brightened up the atmosphere. And my silk was a hit. One of the best stories I came away with was of two elderly sisters. One said she was ordered to not let the other buy anything. Here they were, and the other sister had picked out a vibrant floral scarf… it made her eyes pop. Her sister looked at her and melted… she looks like this scarf was made for her… colors bring out her eyes. The sister who was ordered not to let the other buy a scarf actually purchased the scarf for her sister… Sweet.

And an odd note – all of my viking knitting sold like it was the big item of theday. wow. and how many people stopped and said they do the viking knitting. i am amazed. it was wonderful fun.

Thank you for everyone that prayed.