Delaware and Buttermilk Hill

Our day started early with 5am wake up to be on the road by 5:30 for Delaware, Ohio, which is due north of Colombus. The event – The Buttermilk Hill Crafts and Chrome Market. Thankfully the car was packed the night before, and only last minute things went with us that morning.

We arrived fueled with adreneline and giant coffees, ready to set up and wait for the crowd. Our booth was spectacular – as you walked into the barn we were immediately in front of you… a corner booth at the center aisle. Lovely.

We unloaded, set up and were ready by 8:45am. Our fellow artists were sophisticated, creative and very talented… And there were a few vendors that upcycled things… love that very much.

Here are some photos of our day at Buttermilk Hill. Next year, if you are looking for a nice drive and some amazing christmas gifts this is the place to be…. Don;t worry, i will keep you informed.