Plarn factory central

Yes, I have been busy turning all of those bags friends and family have given me into plarn and have been busy crocheting new bags. One old favorite with shoppers seems to be the really small bag that is big enough for cell phone, wallet and keys. I call mine the REblooming Urban Bag. Here are a few of the latest:

I am also working on larger market bags with a blend of plarn and upcycled sweater yarn and here is one I just finished:

It feels like santa’s workshop here… Soap making in full production, wire crochet pin commissions, making plarn, crocheting bags… and packaging, and updating etsy… and the list goes on.

News: Several people asked me for our latest schedule of where we will be… so I plan to have the web site updates completed by the weekend. I am also sending out my monthly newsletter email blast. If you have not received my email and would like to please send me a note or email.

PS- when you look at the bags, take note of the pottery buttons. A friend that is a potter made them for me… they a re her signature on her pottery work, but I could not resist using them… love different buttons.