Updates and photos

Today is my day to catch up on updating the etsy site… so I have been busy photographing and editing listings, adding new things, and discovering the limits of my photographic skills.

So what have we been doing during the silence between blog posts? Lots of work. Steve has been busy making soap… lots and lots of soap. He is rolling out several new flavors to include clean cotton and dragons blood. Experimentation and recipe tweeking has also occupied his days.

He normally uses a palm oil that is the same color as olive oil, but in the last shipment he received a red palm oil… looked like a deep ruby color oil. After lots of reading he determined there is no chemical difference. The color pigmentation is due to a different palm that the oil is expressed from. So he made several receipes of soap and used the red palm oil as one of the oil components.. the results are amazing. Here is Chammomile Soap done with the red palm:

and the same recipe for chammomile soap done with the regular clear palm oil:

The only difference is the red-ism coloration.
and here is a tray of small mini soaps to be wrapped: