Getting to know other artists

One of the most amazing things about doing shows is the human element – the personal interaction. I have met so many amazing and talented people. And the people that gravitate to shows are interesting, discerning and oh so knowledgable. I love it.

I have been reading alot about the art and art/craft business and I was surprised to find out that only 5% of the population attend art and craft events. And only 2.5% of the population buy fine art. Those were surprising and staggering numbers to me because I have always surrounded myself with creativity, and creative people. And it seems that most of my family have either collected or produced art.

Now grant it that Aunt Olga’s horrific acrylics of clown faces would probably fall into a category of its own – scaring both children and adults, she was still creative. She was willing to learn to transfer what was in her head to a canvas, and bless one of us with her latest creation. My favorite was her flower series, where she painted plastic tulips dripping from an old metal margarine container (remember metal margarine containers? oh so 60s),

Whether you are an Aunt Olga, or Picasso in the flesh – good for you. Thank you for giving the world your talents, and blessing us with an appreciation of the work and skill it takes to produce beautiful things.

I love these shows, especially the light hearted smiles, relaxed willingness to chit chat, and ask great questions. Art and Art/Craft officionados – thank you for blessing me, and my fellow artists today.