Come on down to Wagner’s Country Inn

Yes, Images in Bloom will be setting up shop at the Avante Garde show today. It should be fun and my prayer is it is profitable.

But I have to ask you to laugh with me at my crazyness. Confidently I packed the car up friday night, and saturday morning (yesterday) I drove out to Wagners in that lovely picturesque snowfall… only to find the building buttoned up tight. I pulled out the planner, looked at the cell phone… OMG i was a day early. I have never done that before. (and my hubby hopes I will never do that again!) Sometimes days blur together. Well, i am confident now of the plan and will be set up and waiting for patrons at 10am. If you are around, stop out and visit.

I have just completed a dozen valentines day brooches of wire crochet with bead embroidery… each is a one of a kind treasure.

The official site for the event is:

and Cool Cleveland was also promoting it: