herbal festivals and garden shows

perhaps it speaks to our original  product that we found the niche in garden show .  my husband steve got his inspiration for making soap when he spotted a bar at the cleveland botanical gardens .  and so his first product was born as gardner soap. last saturday we were vendors at vermillion in bloom .  this is a annual events put on by the vermillion main street a group and I have a lovely lovely sense of organization .  multiple nurseries and tug growers were present with an large array of plans beautiful things for your yard and garden. 

in the midst of all the plants and busy people buying and shopping we found ourselves selling like crazy .  Many people told us how they love the sudsy fragrant cleaning of cold process soap.  And we use herbs in many of our bars.  The herb vrowing officianados expressed the many ways they utilize herbs and not just for cooking. 

A large number of the people organizing and visitin the show thanked us for being there.  Ah, perhaps we found another niche.  Yes, i think we did.