Search for a printing service

For the past year and a half everything we have used in print media we have created, and printed on the ink jet at home.  That has been workable, but this year we are beginning to standardize our print media, and want it to look as professional as we are.

Our first document is something we call our “Soap Story”.  It is a 1/3 of a landscape letter size page, double sided, and features the story of how Steve got started making soap.  We love our story, and believe it adds value to our product, so much so that we print this document, with the catalog of soaps offered on the reverse. 

The second document is a post card with the schedule of where we will be.  We have found that some of our customers visit us at various locations.  And we love that.  It is so encouraging to see repeat customers who come for the product, and the friendly support of small local business. 

Well, I want to support local business also, so i did a survey of the yellow pages, found several local printers and pitched my print jobs… and the quotes came in…

For just a moment there was a deafening silence, a gasp, and then i realized i need to improve cash flow before i adventure into professional printing.  While professional printing sounds expensive, it is actually much more cost effective on a per page basis than printing them from the ink jet. 

So my post is with two purposes:

1. If you know of an affordable and speedy printer please shoot me a message with their name and phone number.  Ideally they are in Cleveland Ohio or Northeastern Ohio area.

2.  If you are a small business person what have you done for printing needs?  Are you just using your pc printer? I am hoping for your creative ideas.