Not sure Mr Webster would approve of hyphenated words, but the theme of our lives these last 2 years has been stick to it… stay with the new fledgling business, and pamper it, coax it to grow, develop networks of friends, fellow artists, good people who run galleries, and a customer base that wants to be loyal to a good product. 

Breaking into business at a time when so much of our economy is crumbling, and the way of life we once took for granted is diminishing requires the backbone of steel, the courage of the bravest person, and the willingness to invest in what is an unproven commodity. 

As we approach August we are marking our first official year of business, although we ventured out prior to that with several festivals and events.  Our year has been a glorious year of learning, working hard, developing our products, our marketing, and honing the plan to take this simple soap and silk shop to something dynamic, and profitable.

Has it been easy?  Are you kidding?  No, a thousand times No!  But has it brought rewards that are lifetime learning milestones – Absolutely.  Have we made friends with creative types we would have never encountered before? You bet cha!  And have we come to feel that some of our fellow vendor artists are like family – in many ways, yes. 

There have been that rare few that actually know our struggles, or share theirs.  The economy has not been kind to people, but we are strong, stick-to-itive people who will not give up.  We have seen the demand of the market, and an interest in wholesome, organic soap.  We have also learned that our market is a unique niche.  And we have had to strive to find our market.

Business development takes that heart of courage, sensitivity to the market, and willingness to adapt to remain viable.  This is at the front of our thoughts each day, and especially when we head out to a show – what do they want?  what will sell?  are we in tune with the audience we are planning to display our wares to?

And when it is right it is good… very good.  So for now we remain determined to grow this business up as we grow in our business sense.  We are strong.  We are willing to be courageous, and we are eager to keep on keeping on. 

Are you a fellow artist?  Join us in remaining resolute to continue on.  If life hands you lemons dont throw them at us – make lemonade, or as my husband Steve says “Make Lemon Merangue Pie!”  So grab your plate, your fork, and a good sharp knife and lets dig into this adventure of growing a business based on art and craft…. and celebrate the joy of sticking to it.  Remember that in our economy a lot of people are struggling, and have no budget for the little things, the frills, the extras… but they want what you have to offer.  You are the lemon merangue pie – the layers of texture, of experience, of wisdom, of courage to do what some will never try, and the daring adventure of trying to run your own business.  Make your business encouraging, a place where it is not your ordinary, and they will be grabbing their forks to dig in…