New products

Images in Bloom has just launched two new salt scrubs featuring pink himalayan salt.  The more we researched this salt the more we grew eager to implement it in our products.  This salt is mined from deep cavities of the himalayan range, in central Asia.  Because these salt deposits formed in a distant past the salt is free of modern pollutants.  Analysis of the salt show approximately 48 minerals and a low sodium chloride content.  The business we purchased our salt from also creates pink salt slab plates for use in fine dining restaurants.  How exotic, yet healthy.

So the salt is a light rose pink and a bit more coarse than kosher salt, and it blends well into scrubs.  We have chosen two new fragrances for the pink. 

Tropical Orange coconut has the fresh squeezed essence of Orange, layered with bright coconut, and a touch of ginger to balance it out.  Close your eyes and take a deep whiff…it reminds me of a fruity drink on the beach of a tropical destination.

Soothing Tranquility is a blend of Neroli, Vetiver, and Vanilla….soothing, feminine, light floral.


These pink himalayan salt scrubs join our line of dead sea salt and sugar scrubs.  And they should be up on etsy this week.