Pinned and Pined For – Handmade Jewelry Gallery Show

Pinned and Pined For is a gallery show featuring hand made jewelry from artists around the area.  The show is being curated at the Dovecote Gallery, located in Lakewood’s Screw Factory located at 13000 Athens Avenue.  The event is orchestrated by the group “Cleveland Handmade” and Kathy Patton. 

The show features the handcrafted jewelry of 39 artists, varying from the most simple to silversmiths, beadweavers, viking knitting and so much more…  I have been working on a specific line of fall and winter bracelets and pins in wire crochet with dense bead embroidery.  The pins of leaves are turning out more interesting than i imagined…. photos will follow. 

But I hope you can stop out and visit for the opening.  I plan to be there for the event, and i know that my work will proceed me there.