Hit the road for a show…

Yes, Today Steve and I headed off to a show.  It was like jumping on the bike again, or sitting in the saddle again… We were invited to a small holiday show in Rocky River at the Civic Center and thought it might be a nice event to participate in.  While we are not fond of doing events on Sundays, this one had every earmark of a grand adventure.  Hosted by a fellow etsy shopkeeper, and an enthusiastic group of women who wanted to just have a fun shopping day… it worked out well.


The room was set with festive decor and the music furnished by someone’s iPhone hooked to a speaker arrangement proved fun.  she had the holiday tunes going, occasionally interrupted when the phone would ring… we all giggled, knowing cell phones will ring.

The funny thing was that we did very little advertising for the event.  Both Steve and I have had this odd voice loss, congestion that the doctor assures is viral… and it has all but kicked our butts for Thanksgiving.  But in spite of our lack of enthusiastic advertising the show was great.  We saw some familiar faces… thank you all for stopping out.  Chris, you always encourage us so much…  And the day was done by 3p, and we were home by 4p… well, a bit after that because we decided to celebrate doing a show with a stop at 5 Guys in Westgate.  I love that place… that chain make such juicy fresh burgers… and the crazy coke dispenser was this computerized super amazing wonderfulness… it had seltzer water… omg… and for lemon-aid there was not 1 choice but 7…. omg.  I have grown fond of blending lemon-aid with iced tea (Arney Palmer), but recently discovered lemon-aid with sprite zero…. carboaneted lemony goodness!!!!

So while we have said we would not do alot of shows, it was nice to pop out there and i think we found a new niche for our products… an untapped part of Greater Cleveland….

To the Amanda team that organized this event – Awesome, wonderful, it rocked and we had a great time.  Thanks for thinking of us…. and we enjoyed the festive spirit of the day  that you created.  By the way, you really do well to promote the event… good turn out.