Business : Clutter and productivity

my formerly cluttered desk
not my work space, but i can so  relate to the clutter and confusion bringing anxiety

I have always been one to function better when the work space is relatively free of clutter.  Perhaps it is those days of old when i worked as a secretary and had so much paper passing through my hands… It was easier to touch it once, and find its place… whether filing or the trash.  That can be said of the mail too.. dump the junk mail, put the bills in the bill bin, and respond to anything burning immediately.  If i don’t do that things can escalate out of control until i am overwhelmed and not really sure how i will deal with the clutter.

Interestingly enough several recent studies have determined that clutter slows down our focus, and slows down productivity.  So that cute little pile of things to address may better be served if you take the time, go through it and properly sort them.  Organize, get boxes, or bins, or some form of organization and minimize the clutter to maximize your ability to focus.

I just read this tip in

Clear your desk — and mind.
When your desk is cluttered, your mind can be cluttered, too. If you’re feeling unfocused, take a look around your workspace to see if papers are piled up everywhere. If so, Klein suggests placing everything on your desk in a box and putting it out of sight. “When we see a lot of papers and things piled up, we immediately go into anxiety,” she says. “If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.” At the end of the day, spend half an hour organizing what’s in your box so you know what your next priority will be.

So that is my quick tip of the day.  Honestly i have to tell you that when things get hectic with the business our work space begins to get chaotic, cluttered and i do notice a deep sense of anxiety.  It is my plan once the holidays are over to reorganize, and give new structure to the work space so we can be more focused on the tasks.   Like all forms of discipline, it is a matter of working at it, practicing it daily, faithfully.  One day the act of organizing will go from an act to a habit, and the habit will ensure healthy behavior.