Business: Readers are leaders

Somewhere in my early child hood, just as soon as i could hold an object i remember books.  Books, magazines, and now the banquet of electronic options… have captivated me.

lots and lots of books….

But the one thing i remember my parents telling me over and over is that “Readers are leaders… you must read, and grow in knowledge and this is a life long endeavor.

Yes, i think it is, and especially with business.  In order to stay ahead of the trends, keep current with business practices, and constantly research and develop products that are interesting to the customers we must read.  And you dont have to spend your every cent on this – the public library is stocked with great reading material.  And so is the internet!!!

Education in entrepreneurial endeavors was not taught when i went to school.  And most of my family were hard working people who worked for other people or companies.  In order to understand what to do, and how to proceed i have spent a lot of time reading web sites like

English: American entrepreneur, author and pub...
American entrepreneur, author and public speaker Seth Godin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And i love to read books and blogs by people who inspire, have a clear vision, and a deeper insight into life.  One such person is Seth Godin.  His blog is:   His website is filled with jewels of thought, inspiration, clarification.  And what i love most is his sense of freedom from what we believe we are required to do.  He boldly talks about risk, and the willingness to fail, and one of the greatest quotes:

The reinvention of the marketplace demands  that one have the ability to fail, often and with  grace—and in public!  – Seth Godin

Another great source of ideas is a web site called which is a web site that rebroadcasts on demand talks … ideas. Their slogan is “ideas worth sharing”… ideas ranging from practical life skills to revolutionary science, medical and engineering concepts.  Some of the most amazing inspiration has come through sitting and listening to one of these talks.

Inspiration is everywhere.  Ideas are free… it is the motivation to act on these ideas that will build a business!!!!

So what am i saying here?

  1. Read, always find new things to read and learn
  2. Realize you dont have to buy books – we have a fine public library system that is happy to lend to you (as long as you are good enough to be gentle with the books and return them promptly)
  3. Find inspiration and courage, defy the part of the world that would ridicule or mock you for being adventurous.  (truthfully they are probably just a bit jealous because they have not found the courage to venture into some idea themself,)
  4. Be willing to risk – challenge what your proper risk free thinking would say is right
  5. Be willing to fail – but when you do, study it to learn the lesson, or find out what needs improvement.
  6. Risk again  – keep reading

After all, readers are leaders.  When you expose yourself to the buffet you may not like every offering, but you are bound to find some things you really like, and enjoy enough to take in.  Whether we are talking about food or business practices… this holds true.  Nourish yourself… nourish your business and both of you will flourish.