Perception of a writer or artist

I was watching another TED video, and this one resonated with me…. perhaps that is because i choose to be an artist and that is the road less traveled it shades people in their perception of me.  Perhaps it is because i am passionate about writing, and often have moments when i can get swept up in the adventure of putting to paper the loose thoughts rumbling in my head. While i don;t resonate with a portion of her writing, i do resonate with this talk… see what you think.

While Elizabeth takes her view in a less than orthodox Christian perspective and more of a multicultural world view, I do like the idea she paints of our talents and gifts as on loan from God for a specific purpose.

She drew my thoughts to times when there was a deeper sense of amazement, of wonder.  That teacher that just connected with you, or that book that captivated you even though you didn;t sleep to get through to the end.  Or that performance that took you from an awareness of time and space to a different place, lost in wonder, lost in the amazement of beauty.  That symphony that transported you to a place no feet have trod, but your heart knew that melody, that rhythm, that captivating beauty of sound.  And it was rare, unique, special.  Very special.

I really love the idea of being given gifts and talents for a special purpose, which may not be readily apparent… but the result of God and me yielded to God’s direction and plan becomes something wonderful.  I want that for my art, for my writing.  I want to be able to say one day that my talents were used to change the world, to make it a kinder and better place.

As this year of 2012 counts down to the last moments I have been very reflective of the year, and our journey.  We have had some rare opportunities this year, unique encounters with people, blessings unanticipated, friendships made and all centered around the humble work of soap making and silk dying.  I am truely blessed and thankful, and look forward to the adventure in 2013… join me.

For those who are not aware, is a website with amazing videos of talks.  Ted calls themself “ideas worth sharing”.  Sometimes they are big famous names, people in headlines, and other times someone otherwise obscure but bringing an idea, an inspiration and giving it voice.  When i need inspiration or want to catch up on ideas the world is sharing… i log on