Packaging development

I wrote briefly about our plan s for new product which leads to a new puzzle…how to package our new products. shape matters here…especially if we are going for romantic, sentimental with a plan for sanitary handling by people. Wrappers? Boxes? Tins? So many ideas…As of this post my head is filled with a bazillion ideas, which may or may not be scalable to production. Three tests of good package ideas: 1. Cost of material- our rule of thumb is that the packaging should be simple and affordable. Knowing this cost is written into overall cost per bar of soap we try to keep the cost under 50 cents each. Heart shape adds challenge to our clean lined dimplicity, and possibly raises price a bit. 2. Scalable Reproduction- are the packaging materials readily available should there be a Sharp increase in demand? Branding means that the packaging remains as close to the same each time we reproduce it 3. Durable and sanitary- we have made a strong committment to packaging well, so the product is wrapped and the only one opening it is the buyer. But will it withstand handling in our booth? Can people still get a sense of the product…touch, see, smell? These are all ideas that packaging should initially pass. Beyond that are the need to design the label, and to properly label ingredients. I will post photos of our final packaging concept for our new items as we finalize them.