So you do Shibori??? Arishi Shibori?

Shibori? what on earth? Is that some shy japanese person who is boring?  or my all time favorite “ah, its tie die !”   People seem to misunderstand the fine art of dying silk in the japanese tradition of Shibori.  Shibori (絞り染め Shiborizome?) is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping

There are endless possible ways of binding, tieing, folding, stitching fabric before applying dye.  Each process is different, and yields different fabric pattern results.  Here is a brief look at the various methods:

Arishi Shibori – This technique involves wrapping your fabric tightly around a pole.  (3-4 inch pvc pipe is a good size)  As you wrap the fabric you are binding it to the pole with a tight twine.  The twine acts as a restraint or resist for the dye, leaving a striping pattern.  The tighter you bind, the better the pattern.  This is an example of how the material would look.  Dye is painted on, or you may immerse in a vat.

Once done, the fabric takes on a striped appearance:


The word “Arishi” means storm… the diagonal lines are to simulate nature… driving rain, pooling streams, waves.