can it be spring?

Those warm temperatures and that odd appearance of our big source of light that  have not seem most of the winter (the sun) caused my crocus flowers to pop open, a harbinger of spring.    I don;t know about you but i can tell you that my creativity explodes when the weather becomes more sunny.  the vibrance of light dancing off everything, the smell of spring in the air, and the longer days give me new reasons to want to jump for joy.

So here is to spring, and a new spark of creativity.  I am busy with a fresh supply of silk for dying, and long for warm days when i can take the dying rack outside and speed up the drying process.

Steve is looking forward to popping open the windows of his studio and letting the fresh air circulate that wonderful aroma of soap in curing process throughout the neighborhood.

Together we are looking for a small studio space outside of our home to move the soap operation.  We have our eyes on several spots… still vacant, still able to accommodate our needs, and still just a smidgen more than our business budget allows.

And finally we are making our final pass on schedule for the spring and summer.  We continue to await word on several juried shows, with hopes we are in.  Once we have firm plans this site will be updated, and we will be doing more publicity.

Meanwhile, I am relishing the warm up, and the new snap of creativity that i have been feeling for a few days.