Writers and artists have alot in common. There are moments of great inspiration followed by wonderful creative thought and activity, but there are some times when the creativity stops…. like a writers block, the inspiration is not happening, the ideas not flowing, or the ideas in my head are not translating to actions in my hands that create something wonderful.  It is at that point that I know the creative well is dry!

So how do you find creativity, and what keeps us moving forward?

1.  Pushing the boundaries of what we know we can do.… try a new venture, or do something slightly differently.  For me, binding and wrapping my silk in a new way to create a different pattern, or putting colors together that I would have not thought work. I recently dyed a piece of silk in a deep violet, and a light copper to beige… it seemed like an odd combination, but wow, put together the neutrals of the beige copper against the rich jewel tone of the deep violet made the jewel tones explode.  Its a combination i would never have thought, but it worked… and inspired me to pair other unusual color combos together.

2. Reading and Learning about your genre of art – I think we will never know everything about any one subject.  Art and art skills are living and breathing parts of our lives, requiring us to feed them with information, experience, insight and inspiration.  Some of the things that seem so difficult melt into skills that with practice become honed, and better.  When i am at a loss for inspiration i visit the library, or hit the internet… and the ideas begin to flow again.

3. Find a mentor – Find someone you admire who is willing to help you with your art.  Learning from one another artist, or at least allowing them to offer suggestions that will improve your work is a great idea.  Picking a mentor is another blog topic altogether, but pick someone that you respect, admire their skills, and that you know you can work with.

4. Take care of yourself – Often when creativity ebbs it is at times when i have not been eating right, not sleeping well, stressed, overworked, under pressure.  Taking time for recharging the batteries is needed.  Perhaps that long walk in the park with the dog, or that luxurious nap on the couch on a sunday afternoon.  Find what recharges you physically and mentally and you will notice your creativity returning.  If you need 8 hours of sleep plan to get to bed earlier than usual, and purpose to sleep.

Creativity is something that ebbs and flows.  Nourish it, nourish yourself with proper care and give time in your life for the creative side to come out.  The world deserves the gifts you alone have to bring to the table!!!!