Reflections on Tremont

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Saturday morning we all awoke to a wet and drippy morning.  We were moving a bit slower, but arrived at Lincoln Park before 9am, with ample time to set up, get ready and just believe this weekend would be filled with adventure, and fun.  As you could see in the photo above, everyone was battoned down for the long slow soaker rain… and quietly hoping/praying this would ended soon.  But traditionally every year there is rain at part of the event.

In the midst of the rain  we heard sound from the PA that the festival was beginning and they began by playing recordings of local acts of the past years…. the stage was far too wet, and possibly dangerous for anything live.   Surprised, we actually began seeing people visiting each tent, wandering through the rain, Joy filled my heart to know that weather will not stop everyone.  I felt like this was a culmination of weeks and months of long hard work, coupled with a double whammey of a wicked bacterial infection and a viral infection warring with the humongous antibiotics in my body.  Its the first time at a show I wanted to go climb into the suv and go to sleep with my blanket!!  Good news was the rain  went away,

PinkHimalayan 003

In fact, when the first blue sky and sunshine appeared i just had to take the photo…   thats looking up from the back of our tents… wow… hope and sunshine!!!!!

Lincoln Park is layed out with the Gazebo in the center of the park, and concrete paths radiating out in spokes.  Typically the artist village was 3 spokes, but this year it was four.  wow. growth on a big scale!!! And this year the food village also offered food trucks (one of which got stuck in mud up to its axels).  Also in the food section was our friend Debbie and her “close your eyes and you think you are in paris” Croissants and french pastries.   OMG!!! To die for.  And the crowd knows good because Metro Croissants almost sold out both days!!! Way to Go!

Among the artists there were a lot of choices…. watercolors, photography  (lots and lots of photography of cleveland, and of the guardians of transportation), jewelry – several wonderful silversmiths, and a few talented designers, and then i hate to say the bead stringers got a foothold in there….. And the acrylic and oil painters, some realistic, some surreal, and seeming to hang with the salvatore dali crowd.  A couple metal workers…. a lovely stained glass artist, another silk / fiber artist i know and respect her work.  And yes there was another soap maker – but her bars were smaller, and she did not wrap her soap, nor did she list her ingredients on the label. (Bad move – with all the problems with allergies out there!!! Not to mention its nice to be above board and do the right thing.)

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One of the funniest sightnings during the festival was captain eyeball, who made his grand entrance sunday, and wandered about the festival…. a giant eyeball with giant lashes, blue tennis shoes and a big huge red, white and blue cape…. Captain Eyeball to the rescue!!!!! LOL

Here are some  more photos of the weekend. The chalk artists were there from Cleveland Museum of Art… grand and amazing as always.  And so much to photograph.  I was so sick I didn;t take alot of shots but here is what i did get:

PinkHimalayan 018 PinkHimalayan 004 PinkHimalayan 005 PinkHimalayan 007 PinkHimalayan 008 PinkHimalayan 009 PinkHimalayan 010 PinkHimalayan 011 PinkHimalayan 012 PinkHimalayan 013 PinkHimalayan 014 PinkHimalayan 016 PinkHimalayan 017so this was Tremont Art and Culture Festival 2013… now a memory in photographs, treasures bought, and in the artists that packed it all up and took it all home….. Thank you Tremont.  You always provide good people watching.