Lessons in technology

We live in an amazing age.  When i think about how much the work environment has changed, and how we communicate has evolved drastically in the years since graduating high school… wow.  It is hard to understand a work environment without a pc, or leaving the house without the cell phone at my side. In fact, i feel quite naked and vulnerable without that trusty electronic connectivity.

Over the last week my smart phone has begun doing bizaare things…. It sent out invitations to almost my whole address book for linked in.  Not once, Not twice but just about daily…. omg

And then the funny messages began.  Out of storage space, memory low, error in sync of accounts… errors, irratic behavior and it was at that moment i realized how much easier it was before the electronic technology invaded our lives.  We as people invited who we wished to what we planned… there was no artificial intellegence interfering in our social structure, or pestering people through emails.

And the world has truely changed.

So what have i learned from my smart phone?

1. it is a tool, not the be all and end all of my communication – it is a means to communicate, but must be guarded carefully from misuse

2. It is information at my finger tips – love the ability to quickly look up something, find an answer, or god forbid, find my way home when lost.

3. it is a means of commerce – yes we use square for our credit cards and it rocks… right there on my phone i can handle a credit card transaction, and in less than 30 seconds the sale is done.

4. technology is ever evolving – and it is not always living up to the hopes i have for it…. but its getting there.


As i write this i have just returned from the Sprint repair store.  Thank goodness i actually have a small insurance on my phone… because the repairs were free.  But sadly what they did was not enough… the real answer was to factory reset the phone, and then reassemble all of the apps and settings again.  Holding my breath that I did this right… waiting on my currently stupid phone to become enlightened, trained, and ready for my use again.

Love technology, but it is times like these that i am reminded that everything has its limitations.