Coming Events

The next two weekends are planned to be big events in our business.  And we are getting excited for them to come.

This is our first year of being juried into the Sauerkraut festival… and it is going to be a big event.  The event is in Waynesville Ohio, due south of Dayton. We are renting a truck, and have our help and hotel lined up…. And everyone who has done this festival tell us the crowds are crazy busy, and the business is wonderfully brisk…. If you are looking for a little drive for the day it might be a fun way to spend a fall weekend.  The festival kicks off next saturday, October 12th at 9am….Our set up time is on friday, so we will be there and ready for the matting crowd. Hope you can stop.

The other amazing event that I am honored to say i was juried into again is the Textile Art Alliance Wearable Art Fashion Show and Boutique at Landerhaven on Sunday October 20th.  This is a premier event that offers lovely wearable things that you will not see anywhere else.  I am looking forward to the opportunity and to the wonderful group of fellow artists that will be there with amazing creations.