Raising the bar

PinkHimalayan 012Yesterday when i visited a lovely fiber arts gallery downtown i realized i have been in a rut with my silk… dying habotai silk, and not stretching out for the thicker silk, or the more deluxe opportunities like devore.  My style of shibori beckons using certain types of silk…. for example crepe de chine is sumptuous silk, but the beauty of the patterns created by the shibori process a re lost to the soft delicacy of the fabric.  So I took a deep breath last night, assessed my stash of silk, and realized i need to order some more exciting silk… to create sumptuous large wraps, and velvety patterned shawls.  Yes, it is a new day for Images in Bloom – and i am returning to my supplier for something i have not worked with before…

Cut Devore is a blend of silk and rayon, and when the dye is applied the rayon disintegrates, leaving a cut velvet pattern in the silk…. simply elegant.  Here is a picture of an example from my supplier

I actually have several pieces of this style of silk, and i have dyed them for friends – so think good thoughts, say good prayers that I get the courage to venture into larger and more specialized pieces like this.

I also want to venture into thicker and larger wraps, and silk that is generally thicker and more luxurious.

Lots to think about, and lots to do before I face my biggest fiber opportunity, Textile Art Alliance Boutique, that is in 3 weeks. I will keep you posted.