Shaker Heights Historical Society

Monday we has an appointment at 4pm to meet with the executive director of Shaker Heights Historical Society.  Ann saw us at a previous event, and fell in love with our soap, the packaging, and has a passion for buying local to support artists.  I am pretty sure that the soap sold itself, but she was so happy to sit down and talk with us and select the scents she would like to carry.

Shaker Heights Historical Society has a tall assignment to be the keeper of the rich history of this community.  Shaker Heights gets its name from its founding people, a group of Shakers. They were a religious order who lived and believed in simple living… it showed in everything they made and did.  From those pastoral beginnings Shaker Heights grew to be a preeminent planned community, thanks to the Van Swarenger Brothers.  Their innovative concept of a TOD, or transportation oriented design allowed residents quick egress from the bustle of city life to their beucholic suburban havens via the Shaker Rapid.  Such rich history, so well preserved.

And I am pleased to announce that Images in Bloom soap is now available  at that beautiful gift shop attached to the museum.  Its a hidden treasure of Northeastern Ohio – the grand mansion that houses the museum was once the home of one of the Van Swerenger Brothers Architects.  It is a majestic grand mansion, located across from Shaker Lake, off Lee and Shaker Blvd.  If you were ever interested in knowing more about the Shaker Community that established the town, or of the age of the grand designers of the Terminal Tower, shaker rapid, and the planned community that is Shaker Heights you just have to stop out.

Here are a few photos i snapped on our visit.  The house is pristine, vintage with amazing features that were part of the original structure, such as the wrought iron gates in the shop, the crown molding and the details that make this a grand structure.

The museum and gift shop are located at:

16740 S Park Blvd  Cleveland, OH 44120