Textile Art Alliance Fall Wearable Boutique

Just a reminder that this sunday is the TAA wearable boutique at Landerhaven.  TAA stands for Textile Art Alliance, an arm of the Cleveland Museum of Art.  It is a juried show, and i am ever so grateful to be accepted in again this year.  The doors open to the general public at 1pm, with a $5 entrance fee, however the opportunity to find wearable treasures is unmatched… amazing and wonderful goods… everything from hats to alpaca shawls, and amazing silver jewelry.

The tickets to the fashion show have sold out… they went quick.

So you are invited… come out for the fun of the shopping, looking, and general appreciation of the art.

And if you will, pray for me that i get my supply of silk up to some level that will make my booth look like there is actually something to display.  Since almost selling out last weekend I have been working my little dying hands quickly, and this time i want to get photos!!!!  Hope you can visit me sunday.