Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet wire?

So have you ever wanted to try your hand at crocheting copper wire but you thought you might need a little instruction first?  Wire crochet has endless possibilities, from the beauty of loosely crochet wire with a scant amount of beads, to a wire crochet frame that is dense with beading.

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a class in Wire Crochet at the Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood .  The class is 2 weeks in length, 2 hours each class.  The dates are: Wednesday March 26th and Wednesday April 2.   Beck Center is located at 17801 Detroit Ave in the west end of  Lakewood.  Beck is a non-profit organization that offers a wide breath of classes for children and adults in the arts – from dance and theatre to fine arts.  It is quite a delight to be able to teach at Beck.  My wire crochet class is limited to 10 people, age 16 and up.  There is a sign up and a fee for the class.   I will be providing the crochet hooks, wire, and beads.  You would just need to bring a small pair of needle nose pliers or beading pliers   The class is 2 hours each night, and at the end of the two classes you will have a lovely beaded brooch or bracelet depending upon which you choose. The photo gallery above is a simple example of the options we can create.  Prior knowledge of crochet is required.  Click on the photo below for more information on the class. You will be taken to the Beck Center website.



If you would like to know more about the class please feel free to reply to this blog, or send me an email using the link below: