Lime Ginger Peppercorn Shave Soap

Soap Shots 010

Shaving Soap is a very popular product for us, and if you are regular readers of this blog you will know that we  stumbled into this after a number of men inquired, and wanted to see this available.

Shaving soap is a very basic vegan  cold processed soap, with additives to make the hair stand up, and the razor glide easily over the skin.  The ingredient that makes soap have this special quality is Bentonite Clay, harvested from the earth, pasteurized  dried, powdered and ready to use.  Most clay that is used in soap or cosmetics has amazing detoxification qualities (hidden benefit) and leave smooth softened skin.

We combine lime essential oil with ginger essential oil and black peppercorn essential oil to a blend that is warm and a bit earthy.  The citrus pop of the lime balances the earthy spicy black peppercorn oil, which is the top note.

Using shave soap requires a brush, warm water and a small bowl.   With the soap in a small bowl or mug, the brush gets run under hot tap water until it feels that the bristles are holding a good amount of water.  Introduce the brush to the soap, and work in circular movements, much like whipping eggs with a wisk.  As the air and water dance on the surface of the shave soap a froth builds up.  When the froth is to the thickness you prefer apply it to your beard, and shave.  Washing your face with a warm wash cloth after will remove any soap, allowing the essential oil fragrance to remain.

If you are a follower of essential oils you will know that each oil has a purpose, or job to perform.

Lime essential oil is thought to be a cleaning and purifying oil.  It is also associated with helping people with skin issues, such as acne.  Lime is one of the most strong of the citrus oils, holding its fresh fragrance long after others dissipate.

Ginger essential oil is said to be an analgesic, and antiseptic.  While it is used more in cooking, and the perfume industry, ginger EO adds a spicy oriental note to any preparation.

Black Pepper Essential Oil is noted to help with sore muscles… and unlike whole or ground peppercorn, the essential oil does not burn the eyes, or make you sneeze.  The fragrance of this oil is earthy, and a blend of a green and floral spice.