Its saturday and….


Wait – it is the one word that can stress us to the max.  Busy people do busy things, run like crazy, and try to keep on going.  To actually be forced to wait is a challenge.

We have the day off from the busyness of the Art Fair /Art Market adventure.  We had applied for a show in Michigan that would have been this weekend.   We were wait listed for it…. and as time clicked away we continued to be on the wait list.  It is the first Art Fair we have been wait listed for, so initially our hearts were a bit low…. over analyzing the photos we sent, the package we presented, and all the details.  But the truth is there were a ton of applications, and that we made the wait list is really quite wonderful.  So God knew we would need this weekend to just recover, weed gardens, clean the house, catch up on laundry, and carve some needed rest into the weekend.

Sometimes wait listing is good!