Inspiration and a new way of looking at our business


IMG_1605Recently i was talking with an old friend who is also an enterpreneur.  We had lost sight of each other for perhaps 20 years because they moved cross country for her husband’s job relocation.  Just as Steve and I had begun a business, and have poured our heart and soul into it, she has done the same.  Neither of us knew the other was formulating a business plan, developing a business, and seeking out their market.

As we spoke with each other it was quite inspiring to imagine we had each followed the same path, had the same thoughts, and discovered the same way of developing our work.  Both of us recognized that sales are a major part of our business, but then she verbalized what we have been believing:

  • Our customers are vital – and we need to engage them well.  Listening to them, encouraging them, and offering warm welcoming to each person that steps through the threshold of the tent is critical.  Without our customers we have no purpose.
  • Our products are the best – Yes, i believe in what i make, so much so that for the last 4 years we have been using our own soap, and products.  And we love the outcome on our skin… clean, clear of chemicals, and wonderful.
  • Our business is more than just our business – we believe that what we have begun has a greater purpose of employing others, giving economic opportunity for people who have skills and need work.

But at the heart of everything is our faith.  And it is our prayer to allow God to love people through us.  Since we changed our attitudes to embrace loving people and allow God to take care of the sales we have noticed doors opening, opportunities come from unexpected places, and our sales are growing.   Why is that?  I think that deep in each of us is a desire to be recognized, and be heard.  Life comes at hyperspeed, and it seems that some of the polite personal communication is lost.  Electronics have also broken down communication to short tweets, and face book posts… But there is just something special about listening to one another, allowing the opportunity to share, to be understood, and to offer encouragement.  This is the stuff that life is about.