The mobile life

I have been thinking alot about how my smart phone has changed how we communicate and function.  Not so very long ago when we needed to make a call and were away from home there was a pay phone booth somewhere close by.  And i am old enough to remember my mom giving me a few dimes, just in case i needed them to call home.  That seems like a lifetime ago.  So much has changed.


This Radio Shack Ad from February 1991 shows a number of different devices that are no longer needed, and have given way to one smart phone.  Yes, now we can record audio, video, take pictures, get weather information and even weather radar in real time, answer phones, speed dial, and the like.  Honestly every one of these devices in the ad can be accomplished through a smart phone, and perhaps the addition of a specific application to allow that function.  Seems unbelievable doesn;t it?

Cell phones are so much more than a communication device.  In our business with an app and a small card reader we can take credit card transactions.  That is immensely helpful.

All in all, its a long way from those days with a pocket full of dimes!