The Log Cabin Gallery – Visit Us There in Person


We are so delighted to be at the Log Cabin Gallery today, Sunday, July 7th to be help in the shop.  The gallery is truely a little hidden treasure of Northeastern Ohio…. Its an authentic 1850s era Log Cabin that was saved from near destruction in North Carolina, disassembled and moved to its current location high on a hill above the Cuyahoga River, just west of the railroad station.  Delightfully reassembled, and modernized with electrical capability, air conditioning, and a big woodburner for winter… the cabin comes to life with the vivid collection of wonderful arts that Diane, the owner, sources out.


Actually we recommend you check out the website, and see what all Peninsula offers, and plan to make a visit.  It could be a great day of shopping, food, activity and fun.  We love Peninsula, and we think when you discover this small town in the heart of the National Park you will just love it too.   (click on the Explore Peninsula banner above and you will be taken to that website. )