And the jury is in….

Waiting for word from the various applications and jury process can be somewhat of a long and challenging task.  Saturday when we returned from our venture to Akron the mail held a blessing we were waiting for.  Before we could even think to savor the moment Steve had ripped open the envelope from “Tremont Art and Culture Festival” to reveal our acceptance and invitation to participate in the Tremont Art and Culture Festival 2014 edition.


Its the 15th year of the event, and in some way, shape or form we have been a part of the adventure since the beginning when Steve was on staff with Tremont.  Its always a great venue in the old Lincoln Park, an oblong patch of green in the dense urban neighborhood of Tremont on Cleveland’s south side.  At the center of the park is a gazebo, and like spokes on a wheel there are 8 paths that lead away from the gazebo.  For the festival the paths demarcate various “villages” – the Art Village, the Children’s Village, the Food Village, and the Community Village.  We are so excited to be among the company of nationally known artists, and quality handcrafted makers.  And it doesn’t stop there… Tremont has a live stage for both days of the event, featuring a wide variety of music, dance and performance.

We are excited to put to use our “new to us” domed tent which was previously owned by a very skilled silk artist…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile this is not our actual tent, it is one very close to what we have purchased.  The frame is much more solid and will stand the test of the weather, and the elements.  Because it is a domed tent we don;t have the sense of “low hanging beams” that the pop up gives.  And the roof panel has a sky light effect, giving more light into the booth.  It should be nice to test this tent out.

Tremont always has one portion of the weekend rainy and cold… always!  So it will be nice to have a secure tent that will not catch water like our pop up does.  Quietly we hope that the bad weather stays away.  None the less, we are ready for anything!