New Limited Edition Summer Soaps

For the summer season we are offering a limited edition of soaps that remind us of this warm, sunny season when we turn to the beach, or wander through the garden.  Its the same wonderful natural cold processed soap recipe of olive oil, palm, coconut oil and we introduce exotic oils to some of the recipes.


Wisteria – A classic old fashioned vine trained to an arch or lattice.  Wisteria grows quickly, with its vine tentacles wrapping around and embracing the frame it is trained to.  Somewhere in late may the vine produces beautiful draping hands of flowers in light purple flowers.    Wikipedia writes “Wisteria vines climb by twining their stems either clockwise or counterclockwise round any available support. They can climb as high as 20 m above the ground and spread out 10 m laterally. The world’s largest known Wisteriavine is in Sierra Madre, California, measuring more than 1 acre (0.40 ha) in size and weighing 250 tons, planted in 1894 of the Chinese lavender variety.  The leaves are alternate, 15 to 35 cm long, pinnate, with 9 to 19 leaflets. The flowers are produced in pendulous racemes 10 to 80 cm long, similar to those of the genus Laburnum, but are purple, violet, pink or white. There is no yellow on the leaves. Flowering is in the spring (just before or as the leaves open) in some Asian species, and in mid to late summer in the American species and W. japonica. The flowers of some species are fragrant, most notably Chinese Wisteria. The seeds are produced in pods similar to those of Laburnum, and, like the seeds of that genus, are poisonous.  Wisteria is an extremely hardy plant that is considered an invasive species in many parts of the U.S., especially the Southeast, due to its ability to overtake and choke out other native plant species.”  

Our wisteria soap uses a fragrance blend of wisteria, jasmine and a perfumer’s balancing agent known as ozone.  The soap is made with a blend of olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil, lye and that hint of a light purple soap lab color.  If you like wisteria, or have a sentimental memory of that big wisteria vine your grandmother had growing near the house you might enjoy this one.


Sweet Pea – Common annual grown in old flower gardens, and often reseeds itself and comes back years after the garden is gone.  On my back fence there is a return of these vines that are in the pea family.  The green tendrils wrap themselves around the fence, and grow and spread across the fence.  And there it is – suddenly there are beautiful flowers in delicate tones of pink to salmon.   The fragrance is a soft and sweet one.  Wikipedia writes ” Sweet peas have been cultivated since the 17th century and a vast number of cultivars are commercially available. They are grown for their flower colour (usually in pastel shades of blue, pink, purple and white, including bi-colours), and for their intense unique fragrance. They are grown by gardeners for private consumption or for exhibition, and in the floristry trade. The large, pea-shaped seeds are sown in cold frames in Spring or Autumn. The seeds benefit from pre-soaking or chipping with a sharp blade. The plants are also available later in the season, as young plants or plugs. They are grown up canes, with the new shoots being regularly pinched out to promote a bushy habit and higher flower yields. Plants typically reach heights of 1-2m, with the flowers appearing in midsummer and continuing for many weeks if regularly deadheaded”

Our sweet pea soap is a beautiful soft pink color, with a gentle blend of sweet pea, freesia, pear and a very soft note of musk.  The soap is a gentle cold processed blend of olive, coconut and palm oil, and lathers wonderfully.

Beach House – I tried to find old photos of the beach house we rented at North Myrtle Beach many years ago… it was trendy, and sat right at the beach on the other side of the scrub and sand dune… lots of white washed furniture with soft pastel colors in  each room.  The big slider overlooked the beach, but allowed you to soak in the sights with a respite from the sun.  Easy living, relaxed time.  The beach is such a great vacation choice with so much to do and see or not.

Calypso Sunset – is a beautifully crafted soap with a red and yellow mica powder swirled through a white soap that is tropical and sweet.

Our soap uses a fragrance blend of lime, eucylyptus and coconut that is clean, fresh, inviting.