The week ahead is busy


We are a bit tired from the long drive home from York last night.  We arrived in our driveway at 2:15 am this morning, and after 4 hours of sleep i was off to my day job.  So tonight is going to be a slower evening, turning in super early.  But what is in store for Images in Bloom this week?

Tuesday – Steve is doing a supply run for several essential oils, and a few carrier oils to fulfill a few more recipes of soap.  There are a few batches of soap to complete for the coming events.  The soaps that are low in supply are fortunately able to be made with only a short cure time of 2-3 days, so our supplies will be up to full for Made in Ohio.


Wednesday – Steve is making a batch of Sandalwood Shave Soap.  This is a tricky one involving a pvc pipe, and a plastic sheet liner.   The pvc pipe is capped on the botton, and the blended formula is poured into the pipe, where it has to sit for 1-2 days to cure.   The recipe makes 24 bars of soap.   Barb is working on signage, and some educational material for the jewelweed soap, and the french green clay soap.  Barb is also working on display racks for both the silk, and the soap kits (soap, brush, soap dish shown above made by the wonderfully talented Jennifer Worden).  We noticed the soap dishes went unnoticed, and unappreciated at Yorkfest.

Thursday – Steve will be cutting and wrapping soap.  Barb will be preparing more shave soap boxes, printing the liner sheets, labels, and cutting the wrappers for the shave boxes.  Barb is also working on preparing another batch of silk for dye.  Also, working on a cut devore leaf scarf that will be in fall leaves coloration.  Because i am wishing to have this blend dye, i have to stretch it on my silk frame, and add color by color. Excited to see the outcome of deep reds, vivid oranges, shades of brown with hints of green.

Made in Ohio 2013 at Hale Farm
Made in Ohio 2013 at Hale Farm

Friday – we pack up the van, and set up at Hale Farm for Made in Ohio festival.  This will be our 3rd year attending and participating in Made in Ohio.  We are also watching the weather carefully. We have learned that we are on the town green again this year, close to one of the paths.  Last year we found this to be a difficult spot, but it was layed out differently.  So here is to a fresh approach, and a new year.



Saturday is Made in Ohio, located at the Hale Farm and Village located in the beautiful national forest of Bath Ohio.  The address is 2689 Oak Hill Road in Bath and held from 10a to 5p. Offering over 100 artists and crafts people, historic actors, music, food and hopefully a great weekend.  We look forward to seeing you there.