Cleveland Bazaar Valentines Event


Join us at Lakewood Masonic Auditorium for the Cleveland Bazaar Valentines Event this Saturday, February 7th  from 10am – 4pm.  Lakewood Masonic Auditorium is located at 15300 Detroit Avenue in downtown Lakewood.  (its only a couple blocks from all the great restaurants in downtown Lakewood – hey, you could do some shopping and catch lunch!!!)

We will have our full like of soap, as well as my unique wire crochet pins, and some Shibori silk.

The Cleveland Bazaar (formerly known as Bazaar Bazaar) has a ten year history in the Cleveland Market, founded by two women looking for an outlet for their handcrafted goods.  Ten years ago there was not a viable outlet for such work.  These days there tend to be a lot more promoters and events than the market can bear.  While we have been aware of CB, we just never did any of their shows.  In December we were asked by the gallery we set up in at 78th Street Studios to be there for the annual Cleveland Bazaar Holiday Show, and it was during that weekend we experienced the marketing power of this brand.  Celebrating their 10th annual Holiday show was quite an array of vendors.  The halls and galleries of 78th Street swelled with people… and not just lookers – serious buyers who attend annually to do their Christmas shopping.  And we got the overflow… a constant strain of shoppers popping into Allen and Jeff’s studio.. and buying our soap.

I must admit that my expectations were lower for that weekend, but they blew my socks off.  To top it off channel 19, the local fox station, was interviewing people at the event and randomly selected a customer to ask “what did you buy here”…. and of the thousands of people, and the hundreds of vendors, they picked one of our customers who purchased a bar of Pink Himalayan Salt Soap.  My mind was changed and i wanted to see what it might be like to be a vendor at one of their events…. so we submitted an application and photos to them, and yes, they accepted us.  They also saw the channel 19 piece and knew the power of marketing.