Artists as community

One of the best things about our life as artists is time spent with other artists.  Unlike corporate America, the art community as a general rule is a supportive community, with a great willingness to share knowledge, experience, and collaboration when needed.  We have done quite a few art shows, and have worked with galleries and shops, and each encounter with other artists reminds me again how thankful to be among such supportive company of creative people.

When it comes to learning what community is, and to have examples we should follow we have been blessed to cross the paths of wonderful leadership in the art world.  Early in our adventures with Images in Bloom we were blessed to meet Mary Urbas and her wisdom and insight into the art community is always a watershed of insight.  She continues to be such a great encouragement for us, offering tips and a listening ear when needed.  We appreciate her expertise and insight so much.   The funny thing is neither she nor I know how we met each other on what she calls crackbook (facebook).

And there is Liz Burgess of Ginko Gallery in Oberlin – she knows her clients. Liz has been a fiber artist who used to do shows, and now runs a gallery with great whit and wisdom.   She understands her business and more than that, she knows what will work in her gallery.  Every time we step into her shop there are nuggets of wisdom to learn… glean, soak in.

And there are the many wonderful artists that we met as we set up our booth, and shared the experience of art fairs. There is a bond that builds when you process life together… from the sleepy little art markets to the outdoor art festivals during a driving storm…. It is that common shared event that builds friendships, and in some cases collaborations.  Being a part of a community is a good thing… being a part of an artistic community is the best!!!