Special Software


Software and our pc are just tools to keep us organized… but wow, when you find a software that is proprietary to the business, and able to handle many tasks it makes life great.  Steve and I have been searching for a software that is able to hold each of the soap recipes,  keep track of the inventory of raw supplies (oils, essential oils, botanicals, packaging, etc, keep track of real time cost of the supplies, source of supplies, inventory of finished product, and provide analytics of all.   For the past 5 years we have made our own spreadsheets in excel, and kept track of inventory manually.  As the supply costs have changed, we have had to recalculate our sheets, adjust as needed…. until recently when we stumbled upon a Soap Makers Database Application.

Steve found this amazing database program that will do all of the needed functions and I am certain there are functions we have not found yet.  Steve enters his formula for a soap recipe and is able to see a clear view of the recipe, the cost of making it, the availability of the inventory of that product and the trending of how well it has sold.

We are thrilled to also know this software allows us to track our customers, and the trending of their purchases.

Using computers for organizing our information is not new, but having an application that functions so well to provide needed information is priceless.