Would you help?


We began a go fund me campaign


As you may know, Steve and I began our business on nothing and began from the ashes of a previous life.  We have been building the business with cash alone, and have purposes to have no debt on our business for these past 5 years.

Our wonderful problem:  In the winter 2015 we pitched our shave products to a major grocery retailer, Whole Foods. Our products are natural, free of chemicals and made with luxurious oils. I am so excited to tell you our shave products were recieved well and accepted by Whole Foods however in order to prepare for delivery we must purchase our UPC Code for the business.   All of our products must bear UPC codes on the labeling.   We want to accomplish this milestone, but the funds are short of our ability to reach the goal.  That is why we are asking for your help.

We have never asked for help until now. But now is the time to ask for your help. Your donation will directly be applied to the purchase and registration of our UPC code, and the equipment needed to make our packaging compliant. Literally you will help us land the shave soap on Whole Foods shelves! For every donation of $25 we will ship you one bar of our soap (excluding pink himalayan salt soap). 

Thank you kindly for considering helping us. Your help means the world to us!

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‘Images in Bloom UPC Code project’ http://dm2.gofund.me/rue6u4