Ever meet someone with your same name?

Well, it happened this past weekend.  Yes, right there in the middle of Saturday at the Great Lakes Art Fair there was a woman that stopped to my booth, and asked “Are you Barb Bloom?”  Why yes, i had to tell her I was indeed that person.  She stopped me in my tracks when she said she just had to stop to see me because she saw the name and thought it was a hoot.  OK, i was confused, a bit, but i will engage… lets see where this is going.  She then announced her name is also Barb Bloom.  I was floored. So I invited her to look at the wire crochet pins and select one as a momento of our meeting, and our shared name.  She scanned my selection and grabbed the big stylized owl.  She popped it on her lapel of her bright orange jacket and BAM!  it just looked awesome.  So i had to ask her if i could take a photo of her.  I giggle because the little owl stayed with Barb Bloom, just a different one who lives in Michigan.  Such Fun!!!