Asking for help is not easy!

Steve & Barb Bloom

How are you about asking for help?  I think i can say that Steve and I have always been the ones running to help, but when the reverse is true, it is a challenge.  So i have to tell you that this post, and the request come as a very humbling, and against our character request.

Steve and I presented our shave soap to a major grocery retailer, Whole Foods, in late January.  Our products were well received, and in fact they wish to place them on the shelves of the new Rocky River Whole Foods that will be opening in early fall.  In order to get our products ready for this opportunity we are required to buy our UPC Code for the company, and register our products.  (UPC Codes are those bar code labels that appear on everything store-bought.)  This is where we need help.  We have the application ready, and the products listed and ready to register, but we do not have the funds to accomplish this.

One thing you should know is that Steve and I have been committed to running our company completely without debt.  Everything we have accomplished has been with no outside investments, and no credit.  Cash, debt free! As we approach opportunities like this we are struggling to raise the needed revenue to make this opportunity a reality.

Would you consider helping us out?  We would like to offer a bar of soap as a thank you for every $25 donation.

So here is the go fund me link.  Would you consider helping make our next step possible.