Little Italy – Photo review

The weather was delightful and warm, bright sunshine with only a slight hint of possible rain, which grew more faint and never really materialized.  We arrived at Mayfield Road and quickly found the organizer who pointed us to our spot and left us to unload and set up.  Perfect spot, adjacent to Presti’s Bakery and Maxi’s Restaurant.  The sounds of Opera filled the air, and danced with the delightful smells of garlic, and calamari.  We set up our tent in front of the vacant storefront as assigned, realizing that our tent took up much of the sidewalk… so rather than arrange our booth as a single entry we decided to make it a pass through that pedestrians could walk through, and that was quite a good choice.

Mayfield road is always busy, but this past weekend it felt more so.  We met so many tourists from all over the map…. Toronto Ontario, Japan, Equador, Gulfport Mississippi, St Louis …  Many of the tourists were in love with this “walking city” area, the energy, the ethnicity, and the history.  We met a young girl that is here for brain surgery at the Cleveland Clinic from another country.  She was a delight to meet, and seemed so calm considering the delicate surgery she was about to enter into.

We had so many friends stop out to say hello.  Thank you to everyone who visited us.  We really enjoy your visits… you encourage us so very much.  And it was a dog weekend too… with diners sitting at tables with their schnauzers, and bulldogs, from very tiny to monsterously huge, the dogs were on parade too!

And then there was the food….. We bought lunch at Presti’s – delicious spinach and sausage stromboli loaded with filling, tasty.  And after watching plate after plate of calamari delivered to sidewalk tables at Maxi’s we treated ourselves to dinner there, and the calamari was beyond words and by and far the best we have ever had.

Such a great weekend…. Thank you Little Italy!