What’s Happening this week?

bayarts2015We are so excited for Saturday, and the Bay Arts Festival located on the grounds of Bay Arts and Huntington Reservation of the Metroparks.  The gracious lawn in front of Bay Arts, the Fuller House, the restaurant and the Playhouse fill with tents full of artists and the air fills with the sounds of live music and wafts of great food.  Last year we were close to the parking lot, along a walk way, which brought a great amount of traffic into our booth.

Such a fun day, and such a wonderful creativity and energy is there.  Our products are in the gift shop there, and we have a great following here… so it is like coming home when we set up at Bay Arts.  We look forward to the smiling faces of the kind staff of Bay Arts too… each of them are so sweet, caring and passionate about art and people.  We are grateful to be welcomed into this community of artists, and feel so blessed to be here.



We are bringing a fresh supply of our Don;t Bug Me! Lotion Bars, which has turned into a wildly wonderful success story. Our research gave us indicators that our customers want healthy options and specifically when it comes to repelling bugs they want to avoid the dangerous chemicals that are common in the store bought sprays.  Our lotion bar is a blend of shea butter, bee’s wax and essential oils that have been tested and proven effective to repel mosquitos, flies, ticks, fleas and so much more.  Recently we read a wonderful article on the work done at Ohio State University to investigate natural alternatives for protecting against bug bites.  We are in the developmental stages of a spray that will do the same.  But our spray is not yet ready for sale.


In other news – Brite Green Shop

We have just restocked an adorable little shop in the 5th Street Arcade (in Downtown Cleveland) called Bright Green.  The shop is adorable, with a well chosen line of gifts and usable handcrafted items.  We were thrilled to receive a call asking for more stock.  While our line of products is very limited, 6 of our best selling soaps are there, along with a nice line of our shave soap (4 variety) and shave kits.  When you are in Downtown Cleveland make sure to stop in the 5th Street Arcade, which is no longer that scary hulk of a past age… its been renovated, and is a gem of historic architecture, coupled with a wonderful collection of entrepreneurs who have set up shop.


And we have several appointments with various galleries…. nothing ready for public notice, but we are excited and hopeful for the new opportunities to position our products around town in areas we are not represented currently.  Stay tuned for the updates.