Silk Cocoons

silk cocoons

Different, unusual, exotic…. not the run of the mill.  If there has been a theme in my art it has been to find niches that are not utilized often… doing things others do not choose to create, or blending several mediums into a new form of art.  If you have attended an art show in the last 5 years one thing is clear and very overwhelming – there are a lot of people doing jewelry out there, and yes, there a re some amazing fine jewelers out there.  But there are a large amount of bead stringers who don;t tend to bring imagination to the marketplace.

One way to get a buzz is to create something nobody else is doing.  Become a trend starter – yes this is something that could be fun to do.  Several years ago I began playing with the cocoons woven by silk worms.  They are lovely bright white egg shaped structures (the silk worm weaves it around themselves, then dies inside…. yikes).  These white silk cocoons are ready to receive dye, or to be cut into portions.  The cocoons are a stiff fiber structure that can be cut, stitched, dyed, altered.

Several weeks ago i created the first pair of earrings that seemed organic, but elegant.  Something is very rustic in the texture of the cocoon itself, yet something is refined and has a modern polish.  So i dyed some of the cocoons, and others i painted.  Here are a few photos:

I had also obtained wild silk cocoons… and they look a bit different.  Wild silk worms weave a much looser cocoon form, but the color of their cocoons are a vibrant gold, with a lacey look.  They are far from uniform… unexpected, simple, beautiful.  Here are a few photos of wild silk cocoons i have used in making earrings:

All of these and so much more are heading to The Log Cabin Gallery for the new gallery show that opens on Thursday titled “At Water’s Edge”.  The Log Cabin Gallery is located at 1671 Main Street (State Rte 303) and is set back behind Diane’s home.  The gallery exhibit opens Thursday June 25th at 10am and runs through July 26th. The gallery is opened Thursday through Sundays from 11a – 5p.

After posting several photos on facebook there seems to be growing  interest in these unusual earrings.  I will keep you posted.