Airbnb, you rock!!!

Choices are great!  And choices about where to stay when you are away from home is really wonderful.  We don’t mind hotels, but often the price is high and the quality is low.  When we discovered AIRBNB  we discovered a wonderful option.

Last weekend we were in Toledo for the Crosby Festival of the Arts, and we stayed at an amazing place…. The Rosenbloom Farm.  Situated in Sylvania, Ohio which is 2 miles from the Toledo Botanical Gardens.  It was close to the city yet still very much rural.  Our hosts Jeff and Linda greeted us warmly, fed us well, and were a true delight to get to know.  We really love their vision and dream of using their farm for children.  They have a beautiful farm and a peaceful accommodation.  We regret that our stay did not allow us to visit their animals.  (Although we are in love with their boxer Macy!).  The amazing charm of our stay was how we made good friends with Jeff and Linda, feeling like we had known them all our lives.  We shared the struggles of family, and keeping business vibrant, and heartbreaks of life, and joys hidden in the middle of it all.

So why do we love AIRBNB?  It is the sense of community.  It is that sense that your travels are not sterile, little locked boxes with a bed.  We loved that there was thought put into the arrangements, and real people to get to know a little better.  And we have made friends that we can now keep up with.  Can’t do that with a Holiday Inn or  Marriott!!!