Balancing your time

Time is one thing that is certainly a fixed commodity.  And if you are like me every second counts so much.  In order to keep the business running, the house in order, work the full time job, and keep my sanity i have been really striving to come up with a system to stay organized.

And if you are like me you have tried a number of the time management systems , with different tactics for keeping ahead of your day.  And yes, they work – when you work at them.

If you can boil down the essence of what works for me, here are a few things I do:

  1. List making – yes, i write down a running list of what needs to be done.  Yes, i write down everything… even simple things that are routine.  – for me there is a psychological advantage of checking off  or crossing out tasks as we go.
  2. Attack a few easy tasks first – they will be completed quickly, and  again, it is a psychological motivator for me to see a few things done fast… it helps me build momentum
  3. Determine to set electronics aside for blocks of time – these days the internet, email, website, etsy all beckon us 24/7 – to get productive i purpose to set my phone on the charger, click the tv off, and lock the computer…. and i try to keep away from them as much as possible when i am working on my lists.
  4. Take regular breaks – treat yourself for working so hard at a project, or getting those 4 loads of laundry done.  By taking a short break for a snack, or a beverage and 5 minutes off the feet will energize and recharge you.
  5. Determine not to procrastinate the hard stuff – Dive in, get it done and off your plate.
  6. Carve out time for family, faith, and your own sanity – Too busy for simple things is just too busy.  One of my most favorite things is to take a super hot shower, jump into crisp jammies and settle down with a book.  it doesn’t happen often, but i make a point of carving some time to do that.
  7. Feed your mind with great thoughts, encouraging things, and motivational items.  One of the best tools in the battle for getting order over time management is our emotions and our thoughts.  – when i am working (except for writing) i love to have music thumping

Productivity, and getting things done is always good, but the one thing that it cannot overrun is human interaction with family, and friends.  Guard time with those who are precious to you…. and allow yourself to take down time too.

My photo above is of Tempus Fugit – that is latin for Time Flies.  because it does disappear faster than we can imagine.