Hello Hessler!!!!


Are you a people watcher, music love, art afficionato, or just love street festivals? This is one not to miss.  Hessler Street Fair is a full action packed weekend with wonderful artists, great food, and intense music.  Hessler street is located directly off Ford Avenue, one block north of Euclid Avenue in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, right on the campus of Case Western Reserve University.  This is our 4th year as artist vendors and we are so thrilled to be back.

The sleepy brick and wood street of Hessler comes to life on Saturday, May 21st early in the morning as the fair committee gathers, and begins to welcome the artists in to set up.  Within a short amount of time a small artist village of tents pops up and the buzz of getting ready can be heard.  The sound stage is doing final checks, and the food vendors are firing up the grills, cook surfaces, etc.  By11 am the street is teeming with life… and the music begins.  Glorious, wonderful and such joy.  The culmination of months of planning by the committee, permitting, organizing, and here we are.   If you would like a list of the bands, or artists click on the Hessler banner above to be taken to their website.


So what are we doing to prepare?  Making lots of soap, and painting lots of silk.  Steve has been blending several unique scents for soap….. So we will be rolling out a few 60s inspired soaps including Hessler Hippie – A cold processed soap formula scented with Patchouli and an Orange and Spice… We test marketed it when we held our studio open house in February and sold out… we think you will love it if you are a Patchouli fan.  And it has a tie dye swirl in hot pink and bright orange.  We actually have several other flavors of Hessler specific soap lined up… more soon.

hessler map